Step by Step Guide to Buying Car Insurance

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Step by Step Guide to Buying Car Insurance

Buying Car Insurance is an important step for any car owner or driver, after all, you want to be sure that you’ve got adequate insurance cover in case of an accident or if your car is stolen, but then again, you don’t want to pay more than you have to. You need to get the best possible cover, for the lowest possible price, and here are the steps you need to take to get just that . . .

Buying Car Insurance – Step 1

You might be surprised at the money savings which are out there, if you just follow the steps and take your time. Just as a bit of an exercise, go onto one of the car insurance comparison websites and tap in your details – you’ll be astounded and amazed at the different prices offered – you might be able to save a few dollars, you might be able to save a hundred, and you might even be able to save hundreds if your present car insurance policy is with one of the highest priced companies. Just think of what you could do with that saved money – go on, save a bit of dosh on your car insurance and spoil yourself.

Buying Car Insurance – Step 2

The price of your car insurance is heavily dependent on the coverage you need, and this does vary from state to state, so make sure that you know all of the requirements where you live.  Once you know what coverage you need, you can then decide on any additions you want. The amount of additional insurance cover is largely down to your individual circumstances and financial situation.

Buying Car Insurance – Step 3

Now it’s time to take a long, hard look at yourself, not in the mirror (and certainly not while you’re driving), but at your driving record. How many tickets do you have on your record, and how much longer will they be valid? There’s nothing like a few tickets to bump up your car insurance premiums, so if you’ve got a few which are about to disappear, wait until that happens. You also might need to remind yourself about how much you are actually paying at the moment, and the amount of cover you have, so you know exactly what price you need to beat.

Buying Car Insurance – Step 4

Now that you’ve done a bit of homework, it’s time to start shopping. You know what you need, you know what you want and you know how much you’ve been paying already – get out there and try to beat it. Why not start with some online comparison websites, you can often fill in all of your details just one time, and then get quotes from loads of different insurance companies.  Get as many quotes as you can – some of them might not be instant, the companies might email you later with the details, but anyway, spend a few days gathering car insurance quotes.

Buying Car Insurance – Step 5

You’re now in a position to start comparing the different car insurance quotes. Don’t just look at the end price, check also:

  • both monthly and annual rates for exactly the same amount of coverage
  • the payment policy of each insurance company – what happens if you’re a bit late with your payment one month?
  • what discounts does each car insurance company offer – that could apply to you
  • the performance rating of the insurance company – you should be able to check this on the department of insurance website for your state

Buying Car Insurance – Step 6

Now you can start calling any car insurance companies which don’t give out prices online. Keep all of the information you’re going to need (vehicle registration, drivers license etc) handy. While you’re on the phone it’s also a great time to ask about any discounts which are offered for particular details – good driving records, certain occupations equate to cheaper car insurance, fitting safety equipment can sometimes mean that you qualify for a discount etc.

Buying Car Insurance – Step 7

Now you should be pretty much there, in a position to be able to choose the best car insurance company, offering the best cover for the best price. But don’t sign on the dotted line just yet – review the policy very carefully and make sure that you’re getting exactly what you’ve been quoted for.

Buying Car Insurance – Step 8

Once you’re absolutely satisfied that you’re getting the right deal, you can sign, but don’t forget to cancel your old car insurance policy if you have one.  You might want to wait until you’ve got all of your documents sorted out, as some states do require that you carry them with you at all times.

Happy and Safe Motoring!

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