How to Save Money On Your Car Insurance

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How to Save Money On Your Car Insurance

Car Insurance is pretty expensive, but you’ve got to have it so that’s the end of it. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to automatically pay “top dollar” for your car insurance, there are a few ways and means to save money.

Before Buying a Car – check out what the insurance premiums will be. We all expect an expensive sports car to cost more than the average family runaround, but you might be surprised at the different rates for different models of car, even if they look pretty similar. Car insurance premiums are calculated in many different ways, and if the car of your choice is particularly expensive to repair in case of any collision damage, for example, you’ll pay more for it.

Make Sure You’re On The Top Tier – top tier in this case doesn’t mean that you pay more for your car insurance, it means that you might pay up to 15% less. If you’re on the top tier it means that you have a good, clean driving record with no past claims, live in a “good neighborhood” where auto theft is rare etc. Even if you qualify for these things, you might not be automatically placed on the top tier, so do ask.

Check Out Equipment Discounts – another way to possibly reduce your car insurance premiums is by having anti-theft and safety devices. Safety equipment like anti-lock brakes and airbags, for example, all have the potential to save the car insurance company money by accident prevention or on claims in the event of an accident, and this might be reflected in the price of your car insurance premiums.

Check Out Group Discounts – car insurance companies usually offer other types of insurance too – home insurance, personal liability insurance, health insurance etc. Ask whether you will qualify for a discount if you lump all of your insurance policies with one company – theirs. If you are more than a one car family (which is most families these days) you might also qualify for discounts by insuring all of your vehicles together.

Improve Your Driving – driving comes naturally to some people, and others find it, well, more difficult. Passing your drivers test is essential to show that you are a competent driver, but by completing an extra certified driving course you can increase your credentials, so to speak, and will often qualify for cheaper car insurance rates.

Keep Any Repair Options Open – check out the details of your car insurance policy carefully. Some car insurers insist that any repairs are made using only generic replacement parts or that you only use a particular body shop for repairs.  This might make the original car insurance premium a little lower, but a little flexibility might be more cost effective in the long run.


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