10+ Ways On How To Save On Car Insurance If You Have Had A DWI Or DUI

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We all know about the dangers of driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs yet still drinking and driving is responsible for thousands of road accidents, even deaths every year. Thousands upon thousands of people every single year end up with a DWI or a DUI, even though they know that they shouldn’t do it. I’m not gonna’ preach about what a bad bunch of people you are, let’s just hope that you’ve learned your lesson well, but one sure fire definite result of having a DWI or DUI on your driving record is that your car insurance premiums are gonna’ rocket sky high.

It’s gonna’ take a long time before your car insurance gets back to where it was before the dreaded deed was done, but there are a few things you can do to make sure that you get the best car insurance deal possible after a DWI or DUI.

  1. Fight The DWI or DUI: The first thing you can do is to make sure that you find a great lawyer to fight the DWI case for you. This could help to reduce the charge or even help you to get away on appeal if there is some small detail in your case which your lawyer has picked up on. If you have a successful appeal against the DWI then you can demand that your car insurance be reinstated at the original rates you were paying before anything happened.
  2. Don’t Take One Driving Safety Course – Take ‘Em All: Take any driving safety courses you can, both those which are required by the DWI and any others you can find. This will show your insurance company what a responsible person you have become and show that you have an improved attitude to safety which could bode well for you in the future.
  3. Keep Your Policy: Don’t cancel your existing car insurance policy. Okay, the rates will probably rise quite quickly but other insurers may not be willing to offer you car insurance at all, you will, after all, be classed as high risk for a while after being convicted of dwi or dui.
  4. Know Your Rights: In some states insurers are not allowed to cancel your policy mid term, so if your insurance company denies you the SR22 insurance form which you need (see below) then check out the laws where you live and know your rights. Okay, you’ve done wrong, but everybody has to play by the rules, even car insurance companies.
  5. Get an SR22: In the majority of states you’ve got to show an SR22 proof of insurance before you can get your drivers license back, you’ve gotta’ prove that you are legally insured to drive on the roads. If you haven’t kept your insurance policy then it’s time to start shopping around for one.
  6. Don’t Lose Heart, Be Positive: If you’re getting the idea that this could be quite tricky, then you’re right. Some car insurance companies will flat out refuse to insure you if you have a DWI or DUI, but don’t lose heart. Just like any other type of insurance it pays to shop around. If your previous insurance company refuse to insure you after a DWI or DUI then try some different companies. Shop around and find the best deal.
  7. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions: You should certainly not just accept your fate and agree to the first car insurance company terms which will offer to reinstate your motor insurance. There’s no law against trying to find the best deal possible, even if you do have a DWI or DUI. Ask if there’s anything you can do to help reduce the car insurance premiums, and if there is, do it.
  8. Don’t Forget The Obvious: Your car insurance will increase substantially after you have had a DWI or DUI, there’s really no escaping that fact, but there are ways in which you can decrease the amount you have to pay depending on the car you drive. If, for example, pre DWI you had a rather flashy, sporty, expensive gas guzzling car then maybe you’re gonna’ have to set your sights a little lower until you can get back onto an even keel again. If the insurance is just unaffordable (or nobody will touch it) for your car then maybe you’ll have to swap it for something safer, cheaper, more economical . . . something which is cheaper to insure for everybody, not just those people have a DWI or DUI. Accept that you are now a high risk driver and it’s up to you to lower the risks you pose as much as possible.
  9. Stick To Public Transport: You’ve probably become very well acquainted with public transport whilst living without your drivers license, and there’s no law to say that just because you are eligible to have your drivers license back that you’ve gotta’ get it and start driving again. It might just be that you can live without it . . . then again, it might not.
  10. Combine and Save: This insurance saving tip can work for everybody, not just those who are trying to reduce their car insurance after a DWI or DUI. If you combine all of your insurance policies with one company they’re not only more likely to give you a great rate (on all of your policies), they’re also very likely to offer you some car insurance after a DWI or DUI even if other companies are not quite as keen.

Whatever you do, DON’T LISTEN TO UNCLE EARL!

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