10+ Ways On How To Save On Car Insurance If You Have Had Too Many Speeding Tickets

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Hands up, they’ve got you and you didn’t even know that they were there. Never mind that you were late for college / picking the kids up from school / got carried away singing to the latest track from One Direction . . . you’ve been hit with a speeding ticket. It’s one of those stomach sinking, heart in mouth scenarios . . . but what happens next? How is it gonna’ affect your car insurance? What will your Dad say? Will he ever let you borrow his car again?

  • First offenders: If you’re a first offender then you might just be okay. Simply pay the fine and take a chance that the offense will be erased from your driving record. In this case it’s highly unlikely that your car insurance premiums will be increased.
  • Serial offenders: If you have two or more speeding tickets then it starts to get a bit trickier. First of all . . . slow down, but second of all, what can you do about it to make sure that your car insurance doesn’t go through the roof? A recent insurance company analysis shows that drivers with two or more violations can expect their car insurance to jump by around 34% compared to those drivers who don’t have any violations. That’s an awful big hike! So maybe the trick to saving money on car insurance after you’ve got too many speeding tickets is to think outside the box . . .
  • Delay things: If you can delay the date of the hearing then you’ve got more chance of getting away with the speeding ticket – fact. The more time which goes by, the more chance there is that the officer who “caught you” won’t show up, he could have been moved to a different division, he could have switched jobs, hell if you delay long enough he could have retired. It’s also a good idea to try to delay the proceedings until the summer when the officer just might be on vacation.
  • Make notes: It’s important that you remember as many of the finer details of that fateful day as you possibly can, so why not think ahead and make notes right there and then at the side of the road if necessary. What was the weather like? What about the traffic, was it heavy? What questions did you ask the police officer and what information did they give you about the violation? The more information you have the better armed you will be at dealing with the situation if it goes to a hearing. You can then turn this around if necessary and ask the officer what the weather conditions were like, whether you were carrying any passengers, what you were wearing etc. If he can’t answer these questions it can put his credibility into doubt . . . sneaky huh?
  • Check his notes: You are permitted in many states to get hold of the officer’s notes about your speeding ticket. The officer should have written a full explanation of why you were stopped etc. If his notes are a bit sketchy this could help to strengthen your defense.
  • Check out the gun: I don’t suppose that he held you at gunpoint, I’m talking about the radar gun, or other type of speed tracking device which will have told the officer that you were speeding. You should be able to get your hands on all instructions and maintenance literature for the device, and if you can suggest that the equipment was not properly maintained (be a real pain in the a$$ and ask for the records for the previous 6 months or so) then you may be able to show that the equipment was not properly maintained and not necessarily functioning properly.
  • Excuses at the ready: If you can persuade the judge that you hit the accelerator for safety reasons (to avoid an accident) or due to some emergency (on the way to hospital) then you may find a favorable reaction. I mean, you’ve gotta’ tell the truth to a certain extent, it’s no good saying that you were in labor unless you have a baby of the appropriate age to back up the story.

Wow, she’s got a few moves hasn’t she? Of course, that doesn’t always work . . .

Okay, so you’ve been zapped, you’ve been fined and it’s all over your driving record. So how can you lessen the pain of increased car insurance after you’ve had too many speeding tickets?

  • Traffic School: Enrol in some driver safety courses, and then make sure that you pass. This will show your car insurance company what a reformed character you are – responsible, honest, safe – and that’s the type of driver who gets lower insurance premiums. It might just save you a few bucks on your car insurance (remember to tell them what you’ve done).
  • Take the Bus: If you really can’t be trusted not to turn into Ricky Bobby (Talladega Nights) then perhaps you should just give in and take the bus. It should get you to wherever you want to be safely, cheaply and with only a minor amount of inconvenience.
  • Buy a Slower Car: Why didn’t I think of that first? If you really can’t be trusted then make sure that the car you drive isn’t capable of traveling above the speed limit, not without shakin’ and rattlin’ your bones anyway. This type of car is often much cheaper to insure, plus you’re much less likely to cop yourself another speeding ticket.

Yup, that should do it.

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