10+ Ways On How To Save On Car Insurance For Teenagers

National Geographic Magazine (1948) ... My 16-...

National Geographic Magazine (1948) … My 16-year-old daughter wants to get her driver’s license! …Please give me some advice! (February 10, 2012 / 17 Shevat 5772) … (Photo credit: marsmet542)

Teenagers are expensive, which ever way you look at it. Remember back to the early days when you first found out that your family was gonna’ be expanding . . . and those scary newspaper articles telling you that the cost of raising a child these days is $100,000 . . . $200,000 . . . . $350,000 . . . $500,000  depending on who you choose to believe. Well, car insurance for your teenager accounts for a substantial part of that, not to mention the dreaded college fund.

Car insurance is expensive for everybody, and car insurance for teenagers can be nothing short of terrifying, but you’ve gotta’ have it so the only thing you can do is to make the best of it. Of course, the sooner your teenager gets car insurance the better (supposing they manage to refrain from getting any violations).

Keep calm, take deep breaths and let’s look at one of two ways (hey, it says more than ten at the top of the page), okay, let’s look at ten or more ways on how to save on car insurance for teenagers.

  • Teenage Car Insurance Discounts: Check out teenage discounts. It can very often work out considerably cheaper to include a teenager onto a parents’ policy rather than having a separate policy for them, I mean considerably cheaper.
  • Good Grade Car Insurance Discount: Make sure that your teenager works hard at school or college and achieves good grades. Yes, it really can make a difference, not only for their future (we won’t start on that old chestnut now) but for cheaper car insurance too. Insurance companies have the idea that good students who work hard to achieve great grades are more likely to be responsible road users – and I guess they have a point.
  • Send the Student – Keep the Car: Send your teenager to a faraway college. You’re beginning to like this now aren’t you, one minute we talking about saving money on car insurance, the next you’re having visions of a quiet life with noisy teenagers dispatched well out of town? Right, hear me out; if your child goes to a college which is more than 100 miles from your home, without the car, then you may be in line for some addition car insurance discounts. I’ll expand upon this point later, but basically, the less you drive the less chance there is of being involved in an accident.
  • Driver’s Education Courses: Many insurance companies provide additional discounts if you take and successfully pass a driving course.
  • Stick to the Classics – Car’s That Is: The best way to save money on any car insurance, whether it’s for your teenage tearaway, your Great Aunt Betty or your “other half” is to stick to a classic car. Other synonyms to suit this type of transport may include . . . safe . . . boring . . . non-descript . . . “run of the mill” . . . Sports cars for sports stars and the ridiculously wealthy, “sensible” models for everybody else. I know many teenagers dream of picking up their pals in some low slung, sporty head-turner, but just explain to them the painful rules of living in the real world – what’s the use of having the sexiest car on the block if you can’t afford the gas?
  • Combine “safe” with “cool” – I tried to think up some clever name for this combination, but could only come up with “scool” so that’s a definite no-no. Anyway, the challenge is to discover which cars are “cool” – yes, street cred is important amongst teenagers – with cars which have a good record of safety. It’s called the “Overall Crash Worthiness Evaluations of Midsized Moderately Priced Cars” – I admit it’s a bit of a mouthful but could end up saving you a pocket full of cash.

Do you believe that? OMG, I know where I’d have put that baseball bat . . . . my advice to his parents, buy him a bus ticket – another great way to save on car insurance for teenagers.

  • Be Assigned to a Specific Car: If your teenager is gonna’ be driving one of the “family” cars, okay, they might strictly speaking be “Mom’s car” and “Dad’s car” . . . but once these teenagers get their drivers’ license anything and everything is fair game, and all vehicles suddenly become “family cars”. Anyway, enough of that rubbish, assigning a teenager to drive Mom’s VW instead of Dad’s Lexus is a good move – luxury cars do cost much more to insure.
  • Take a Drivers Course: You will find that many insurance companies look more favorably upon those drivers (including teenagers) who take, or should I say who pass an approved driver’s education course. When I say “look favorably”, you might find that there’s a substantial discount available on teenage car insurance.
  • Avoid Becoming Another Statistic: Do you know why teenager’s car insurance is so expensive? Well, hazard a wild guess . . . no, never mind, I’ll tell you – because according to experts and people who study this sort of thing, teenagers are more likely to crash and need an insurance pay-out. Look at these statistics, (parents look away now before you change your mind on this whole driving thing) – 16 year old drivers are three times more likely to be involved in a car accident than 19 year old drivers, and nearly six times more likely to be involved in a car accident than 20-24 year old drivers. Teenagers are high risk . . . so be warned. Always wear your seat belt, silence your cell phone and ignore any “friends” who dare you to run red lights.
  • Shop Around for Teenage Car Insurance: Don’t leave everything to your parents, after all, you probably spend many more hours on the internet in a day than they get the chance to – so, forget Facebook, ignore MySpace and do a little research for some teen car insurance quote. This could be a double whammy, #1 you could end up saving a packet on your car insurance, and #2 your parents will be positively stoked with your attitude.
  • Remember The 6 Month Rule: What 6 month rule is that you’re asking? Yep, I can hear you. Right, remember this 6 month rule, ring your car insurance company every six months and give them an update on your information, if you’ve kept a clean driving record this will eventually help you to get some discounts on the price of your car insurance, and once you graduate from High School this might also see a reduction in your premiums. Keep them updated, keep asking the questions, “am I still getting the best car insurance rates possible”?


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